One of the biggest differences between playing in online casinos and playing in the traditional brick-and-mortar counterparts is the excitement level. It is simply very difficult to get excited over playing on a computer in a room somewhere, versus playing against live human beings in a packed house filled with other players and gamers. With this focus on the glamorous lifestyle of the professional gambler, these types of traditional brick and mortar establishments, such as the hotels and casinos that exist in Las Vegas have made a tremendous level of effort to provide a highly specialized and over-the-top experience for the guests that arrive there. With this focus on providing the excitement and glamour of Las Vegas, is easy to see that there is a tremendous difference between the traditional brick and mortar gaming establishments in the online poker rooms and casinos. At the online poker rooms, the player might be able to play against more opponents, more quickly and generate winnings more quickly, but the excitement level will barely come close to what is experienced in the traditional brick and mortar gaming establishments. Competing in these types of poker games and poker tournaments in the real world is far different from competing online, due to the fact that there are other people there experiencing the same types of experience that the player is and this considerably changes everything.

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