Analyzing Qualcomm: Perspectives from 23 Financial Analysts

Analyst Ratings and Price Targets for Qualcomm: A Comprehensive Overview

Analysts have been closely monitoring Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM) over the past three months, with a total of 23 experts sharing their insights on the tech giant. The sentiments expressed have ranged from bullish to bearish, providing investors with a comprehensive view of the company’s performance.

The recent ratings from analysts show a shift towards a more positive outlook on Qualcomm, with 11 analysts rating the stock as bullish and 6 as somewhat bullish. This trend is further supported by the 12-month price targets set by analysts, which indicate an average target of $198.04, representing a 12.73% increase from the previous average price target.

Key analysts such as John Vinh from Keybanc, Ivan Feinseth from Tigress Financial, and Matt Ramsay from TD Cowen have all raised their ratings on Qualcomm, citing positive market dynamics and company performance. These actions provide valuable insights into the current state of the company and its potential for future growth.

Qualcomm, known for its wireless technology and chip designs for smartphones, has seen positive revenue growth and strong profitability in recent months. The company’s net margin of 24.77% and return on equity of 9.79% demonstrate effective cost control and financial management.

Overall, analysts’ ratings on Qualcomm provide investors with valuable information to make informed decisions about the company’s stock. By understanding the changing sentiments and price targets set by analysts, investors can stay ahead of market trends and position themselves for potential growth in the tech sector.