Damning report criticizes council managers

Dudley Council’s Managers Fail to Respond Properly to Recommendations: Damning Report Revealed

Dudley Council’s Management Fail to Address Recommendations, Report Reveals

In a shocking turn of events, Dudley Council’s managers have been called out for failing to properly respond to recommendations from their own watchdog. The damning report, delivered on July 8 to the council’s Audit and Standards Committee, highlighted significant weaknesses in the authority’s management systems and their application.

Graham Harrison, the council’s head of audit and risk management services, expressed his concerns about the lack of timely action on agreed audit recommendations. He noted that a high proportion of reviews in council departments had negative outcomes on the effectiveness of the control environment, with little improvement seen over the years despite raised concerns.

The council’s own internal auditor’s conclusions echoed findings from a Local Government Association review in 2023, emphasizing the urgent need for improvement in internal control and assurance environment. Mr. Harrison felt compelled to provide a negative opinion, which was supported by committee member Cllr Shaukat Ali, who emphasized the importance of addressing the issues without hesitation.

Cllr Jackie Cowell also voiced her frustration, highlighting the repeated instances of unimplemented actions despite efforts to bring about change. The committee ultimately decided to write to the council’s chief executive, demanding a response to the report before the next meeting.

This alarming revelation raises concerns about the council’s ability to effectively manage and address critical issues within the organization. Stay tuned for updates on this developing story.