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Milwaukee County Board Committee Supports MPS Financial Recovery Efforts and Local Control

Milwaukee County Board Committee Supports MPS Financial Recovery Efforts

In the wake of significant financial reporting failures within the Milwaukee Public School District, a resolution expressing support for the district’s efforts to reconcile and strengthen its financial reporting and accounting practices was advanced by a Milwaukee County Board committee on Monday. The resolution also includes support for providing necessary funding to the district and opposition to any efforts to weaken local control.

The district has been grappling with the aftermath of the financial reporting problems, which led to the resignation of the superintendent and chief financial officer, as well as the withholding of millions of dollars in state aid. Governor Tony Evers has initiated operational and instructional audits to address the issues.

Milwaukee County Board member Justin Bielinski, who authored the resolution, emphasized the importance of maintaining local control in the school district. He expressed concerns about potential efforts to undermine, dissolve, or privatize the system in the midst of the crisis.

The resolution passed unanimously in the intergovernmental affairs committee, with Bielinski expressing optimism that it will receive full board approval. MPS board member Missy Zombor welcomed the support for the democratically elected school board, noting that the majority of Milwaukee residents want a successful MPS.

The district is now working on implementing a corrective action plan to address the financial reporting issues, including outdated systems and staffing problems. Challenges remain in addressing the loss of state aid and filling vacant finance positions amid a tight labor market.

Despite the obstacles, Zombor remains hopeful that with the right team in place and support from the community, the district can overcome the challenges and get back on track. The resolution’s passage signals a commitment to supporting MPS in its recovery efforts and maintaining local control over the district.